Photovoltaics for industrial buildings and photovoltaic power plants

Our company offers the construction of a turnkey solar or photovoltaic system, which includes energy audit, solution design, material, installation, warranty and post-warranty service. 

We have many years of experience with the installation of photovoltaic power plants and equipment, from large to small, from ground to roof installations, with the distribution network connection, island systems and hybrid systems.

Comprehensive services in the construction of PVPP:

  • energy audit - based on the calculation of your roof area and average consumption, we will determine the most suitable power plant output;
  • calculation of estimated electricity production based on geographical location;
  • price offer for comprehensive turnkey implementation;
  • calculation of payback period;
  • drawing up the project documentation;
  • provision of material, transport, assembly and commissioning;
  • audit reports;
  • filling in and submitting the documentation necessary to obtain a state subsidy;
  • securing funding;
  • warranty and after warranty service.

Selection of implemented PV plants:

FVE Pataš 1 MW  |  FVE Príbelce 74 kW |  FVE Nenince 74 kW |  FVE Považský Chlmec 99,8 kW |  FVE Bytča 74 kW |  FVE Lučenec 74 kW |  FVE Bytča 50 kW |  FVE Považský Chlmec 13 kW |  FVE Lučenec 74 kW |  FVE Ružomberok 14 kW |  FVE Vlachy 14 kW |  FVE Stredné Plachtince 74 kW |  FVE Veľké Straciny 50 kW |  FVE Košice 6 kW |  FVE Košice 5 kW |  FVE Košice 38 kW |  FVE Snina 396 kW |  FVE Snina 30 kW |  FVE Snina 22 kW |  FVE Snina 20 kW |  FVE Snina 10 kW |  FVE Poluvsie 2 kW |  FVE Kanianka 3 kW

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