Modern and innovative equipment in the production process

  • Preparation: Cutting saw with conveyor - cutting profiles and pipes
  • Machining tools: 5-axis Cutter, Lathe, Groove, Round Grinder, Surface Grinder
  • Industrial chamber washing machine
  • Galvanic surface treatment line:
    - ZnNi alloy coating hinge technology (transparent passivation, yellow passivation Cr3 +, black passivation, sealing)
    - ZnNi alloy coating drum technology (transparent passivation, black passivation, sealing, conservation)
  • Metallization booth - Surface treatment of products by metallization
  • Powder coating plant - Chamber spraying machine, Dryer, Paint booth, Curing oven
  • Controlling: 3D measuring station - laser scanner

The production process is divided into three units

  1. Phase 1 - material preparation - cutting into pieces optimal for machining
  2. Phase 2 - machining of material - turning, milling, gouging and other forms of machining
  3. Phase 3 - surface treatment - galvanizing, powder coating, quenching, blackening,

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