Industrial, street and administrative LED lighting

Investing in the new LED lighting brings about new possibilities saves costs thanks to reduced utilities bills.

We bring the state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions for industrial and administrative buildings and complex project-oriented solutions

The benefits of innovative LED lighting

  • significant decrease in electricity input - low consumption
  • increase of visual comfort and uniformity of lighting
  • long service life of LED luminaires
  • low operating temperature, with operation down to -40 ° C
  • reduction in CO2 emissions – running on electricity
  • prolonging the life of the lighting system and minimizing maintenance costs
  • instantaneous full light intensity
  • no UV radiation

LED industrial lighting

LED industrial luminaires are low-cost and comfortable lighting for production halls, storage areas, petrol stations, shopping centres and sports grounds.

They are a suitable solution wherever high luminous flux and good lighting quality are required. As these luminaires are installed at a height, their indisputable advantage is maintenance-free operation and also high energy savings. Instanteous full light intensity – a great help after a power failure. This eliminates the need for emergency safety lighting.

Compared to conventional alternatives - discharge lamps, LED industrial lighting saves 80% of power. The maintenance-free operation of the luminaires saves extra money. Light intensity, light colour and colour rendering quality have a direct impact on work performance.

Light, especially in the manufacturing sector, is one of the most important factors. White light boosts attention, improves safety, productivity and reduces the error rate in production/ at work.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to prepare a tailor-made LED lighting design - a price offer, including a comparison of operating costs, savings and returns model, technological design completely free of charge.

LED lighting for office buildings, commercial premises, product lighting

The design, type and character of LED lighting for administrative and office spaces directly affects comfort and work performance, contributes to the image of the company as it creates the impression of a modern company that emphasizes the quality of its employees' workspaces and at the same time is environmentally friendly. Modern solutions based on LED lighting save up to 40% of energy and significantly reduce maintenance costs. We are ready to prepare designs and 3D visualization of your future office space with LED technology in its center. Our 3D visualization will bring you closer to the vision our designer has for your space. Different types of LED lights will help us create a pleasant working environment.

LED street lighting

Energy-saving LED street lights installed at the streets, roads, residential areas, parks, bike paths and sidewalks, public or private parking lots, industrial and commercial areas are cost-saving solution you have been looking for.

 Our high-quality LED luminaires have lenses that ensure proportional light propagation, thus ensuring its perfect uniformity in every angle. The service life of all electrical components in our LED luminaires reaches 50,000 - 100,000 hours (depending on the type of luminaire), which means more than 20 years of service life with savings of 50-90% in energy and maintenance costs.

All LED luminaires are fully maintenance-free, so you do not have to worry about servicing throughout their expected service life. The prices of products are set individually for a specific project.

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