Electrical installation work, energy efficiency - audits

We deal with electrical installations of all kinds and provide comprehensive services in this area.

  • indoor electrical installations in buildings and industrial buildings
  • repairs and maintenance of selected electrical equipment
  • implementation of lightning conductors

Energy audit

During the energy audit, 3 Energy, s.r.o. evaluates the current state of the client's building and its energy consumption. The aim of the audit is to find the most effective solution and propose measures that would reduce energy consumption. As part of the audit we also quantify expected investment costs, the economic benefits of energy-saving solution and as well as return on investment costs.

Following the energy audit, a written report containing the above information is drawn up. Following the customer’s requirements, the energy audit may address different issues. The energy audit serves as a tool in the investor's decision-making process in the renovation of buildings and as a basis for design and construction works.

We are ready to prepare a draft price offer based on your specific requirements and present the way the energy audit would be carried out.

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